Dips & Spreads

Morski Brands Inc's Dips & Spreads Are The Perfect Addition To Elevate Meal Time.

With Our Classic Favorites We Use Only The Freshest Ingredients To Deliver Exceptional Flavor And Quality. Our Versatile Line Of Dips & Spreads Is Perfect For Snacking, Entertaining, Or Adding To Your Favorite Recipes. With Morski Brands Inc, You Can Trust That Our Dips & Spreads Will Be The Highlight Of Any Dish.

Dill Dip

Fresh sour cream and deli dressing blended with savory spices and dill weed.

Taco Dip

Fresh cream cheese and sour cream with real mayonnaise blended with south of the boarder taco seasoning.


Fresh sour cream and dressing blended with fresh spinach and water chestnuts.

Artichoke Dip

Hearty spinach and artichoke with fresh sour cream, cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, and diced water chestnuts.

Smokehouse Burnt
Ends Dip

Smoked beef brisket, cream cheese, brown sugar, green onion, and barbeque spices.

Beer Cheese

Farm fresh cream cheese and real Wisconsin cheddar cheese blended with premium O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer.

Smoked Imitation
Salmon Spread

Tender flakes of imitation crab meat in a sour cream dressing with fresh celery and real Wisconsin cheddar.

Ham & Green
Onion Spread

Fresh cream cheese blended with dry cured ham and fresh green onion.

Krab Dip

Imitation crab meat with fresh cream cheese and real sour cream blended with authentic Cajun seasonings.