Pasta Salads

Morski Brands In. Offers Pasta Delicious And Convenient Salads For Any Occasion.

We provide a variety of pasta shapes blended with fresh, vibrant ingredients like veggies, herbs, and tasty dressings. We start with quality domestic pastas, cooked to perfection, then add fresh veggies, natural cheeses, unique spices, and top-notch dressings. the Morski Brands Inc. pasta salads are made with only the finest quality ingredients to ensure satisfaction in every bite.

Ranch BLT

Real smoked Applewood bacon and flavorful ranch dressing blended with Gard fresh vegetables, and mini penne pasta

Southwest Taco

Savory southwestern flavors with rotini pasta, fresh tomatoes, kidney beans, bell peppers, onions, and sweet corn.

Lite Garden

Fresh tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, and green onion blended with a lite Italian vinaigrette dressing and rotini pasta

Greek Tomato
Basil & Feta

Fresh feta cheese and tomatoes blended with bell peppers and ripe olives in a Greek style vinaigrette.

Robust Pasta

Hearty pasta salad with tri colored rotini, ripe olives, fresh parmesan cheese, and vegetables