Protein Salads

Morski Brands Inc.'s Protein Salads Is A Sensation Like No Other.

We source only the most decadent culinary elements, like succulent yellowfin tuna, whole fresh eggs, tender all-white meat chicken, and exquisite pacific whitefish.

These salads are so versatile, they can be used as a sandwich filling, a tantalizing appetizer, or the star of your main course. get ready to experience protein salads like never before with Morski Brands Inc. prepare your taste buds for pure culinary bliss.

Chicken Salad

Tender all white meat chicken blended with fresh celery and onions in a creamy sour cream dressing

Krab & Shrimp

Creamy mayonnaise blended with imitation crab meat, fresh celery, and tender bay shrimp

Ham Salad

Gourmet Badger Ham blended with sweet relish, fresh celery, onion, and mayonnaise

Egg Salad

Farm fresh eggs and sweet onions blended with salad dressing and tangy yellow mustard

Tuna Salad

Flakey chunk light tuna blended with real mayonnaise, fresh celery and onion with a hint of sweet pickle relish

King Krab

Tender flakes of imitation crab meat in a sour cream dressing with fresh celery and scallions